Scientifically Proven Effectiveness of Donat


A Well-Known Fact – Now Proven*

Donat has been known for generations for its beneficial effects on digestion. It has been used to treat constipation for over 400 years with no side effects. Knowledge of the positive effects of Donat has been passed down through generations. In 2015, it was scientifically proven in a clinical study, conducted in accordance with rules and procedures that apply to clinical trials on medicinal products.

About the clinical study

The study was conducted in Germany on a population that, according to their symptoms, suffers from functional constipation. It lasted for 6 weeks, and all the participants drank 0.5l of Donat natural mineral water daily. The size of the morning and evening doses was left to the participants to decide. Various methods for proving efficiency were applied:

  • estimation of the number of defecations per week,
  • estimation of stool consistency according to the Bristol scale,
  • questionnaires about physical activity and general condition of the participants,
  • estimation of tolerance and effectiveness by the participants and examiners,
  • records about food and drink, and laboratory tests.
Učinkovitost Donata je znanstveno dokazana preko različnih metod.

Study results

The results have shown a significant improvement in the digestion function in participants who consumed Donat. The participants who consumed the proscribed quantity of Donat mineral water showed the following signs of improvement after six weeks:

  • compared to the participants from the control group, they spontaneously defecated more often,
  • their stool consistency was 50 percent better.

During the study, more than 94 % of the participants and 97 % of the examiners rated Donat as efficient and well-tolerable. The quality of life also significantly improved.

All the obtained results support the assumption that Donat, as mineral water rich in sulfate salts, could be considered the first choice of therapy for people who empty their bowels less frequently or who suffer from harder stools in order to enable them to have normal bowel movements.

Would you like to find out more about the effects of Donat on digestion and discover the secret of its success?

*Assessment of the safety and effectiveness of Donat natural mineral water on bowel function; double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled clinical trial – data published in the European Journal of Nutrition

Frequently asked questions

1. Has the effect of Donat been scientifically proven?

The effectiveness of natural mineral water was proven by a German clinical study from 2015 which proved that Donat has a beneficial effect on digestion in persons suffering from functional constipation.

2. How was the clinical study conducted?

The trial lasted for 6 weeks and the participants drank 0,5 l of Donat every day and followed the reaction of their digestion based on previously defined criteria.

3. What are the results of the clinical study on the effects of Donat?

The results have shown that the participants who consumed Donat had to defecate more frequently after 6 weeks, and the consistency of their stools was 50 percent better than the one in participants from the control group who did not consume Donat.

4. How does Donat natural mineral water affect the digestive system?

Donat works on the basis of osmosis, whereby sulfates extract water from the cells of the digestive wall and increase the volume of the intestines, while magnesium additionally relaxes the muscles of the digestive tract and facilitates the passage of stool through the body. The effects are therefore purely mechanical which makes Donat not addictive.

5. Where was the study about the effectiveness of Donat natural mineral water published?

The study was published in the European Journal of Nutrition.

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